Thursday, May 30, 2013

Redd’s Apple Ale: Review

Redd’s Brewing Company
Miller Beer Product
Albany, Georgia, USA
5% abv

Appearance: liquid crystal amber; no head, no foam

Aroma: faux apple cough drop

Flavors: sugar sweet crisp apple water

Mouthfeel: super simple, could be refreshing but the amount of sugar will need two gallons of water to refresh the sugar water taste of this ale. No carbonation, kool-aid apple water, not much on the aftertaste

To the Point: not for me, I am not a quarter of the way into this bottle and I am ready to hand it off to the wife.  Miller and Bud drinkers will be use to this amount of sugar.  Don't let the word Ale fool you - it is not an Ale.

Go buy a real hard cider from a craft brewer.  

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