Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stone Russian Imperial Stout: Review

2011 Classic Release
Released: May 31, 2011
Escondido, California, USA
Bottle size: 1pt 6oz
10.5% abv
Freebie from Super Fine Wine & Liquor in Canton, Michigan with my $200 order back in summer. 

Appearance: pitch black body with a nice tight dark tan head that leave tones of lacing on the glass. 

Aroma: dark chocolate, coffee, roasted grains; the aroma builds as it warms

Flavors: follows the nose; dark chocolate, dark roast coffee, roasted grains, hint of black licorice, touch of dark brown sugar and/or roasted caramel malt, not very sweet

Mouthfeel: thick,  the hint of black licorice is more on the finish and aftertaste, good hop bitter note on the finish and aftertaste, low carbonation typical of the style,

My Strength Rating: 7.5 – medium-full dark tones, firm bittering on the finish, lingering roasted notes,

To the Point: very good Imperial Stout, I might buy a couple to age. 

Cigar Pairing: a sweet, coffee focused maduro or a spicy habano works too (which I just lit up to enjoy the second half of this bottle).

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